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“I’m not good enough” and “I can’t do that!”

As performing arts students, we are always looking to better ourselves which is a great skill, sometimes, we strive so much for perfection that when we have an ‘off day’ we tell ourselves we are just ‘not good enough’.

Over the year, I have heard quite a few students say ‘I’m not good enough,’ or ‘I can’t do that’ and usually occurs when watching others. When we are in the studio, we need to focus on ourselves and not get caught up comparing ourselves to others. We ALL have strengths and weaknesses but everyone has a different path to go through. Our teachers can help you identify these qualities and help you improve.

For example, when I was training, I was extremely jealous of people who were naturally flexible and could do the splits without trying! Every time we had to stretch or a high kick within a routine, I would look at others in my class and convince myself that I was just ‘not good enough’. But that is not the case! I had other skills that were strong and all I needed to do was practise practise practise!

If I could tell my younger self anything – I would tell her to not be so hard on herself.

I am glad that I had amazing teachers who pushed me, both my strengths and weaknesses, and showed me that with hard work you can achieve anything you want to.

The Italia Conti Associates Petersfield teachers will be doing the exact same thing and help bring out the best in each pupil.

If you are finding certain things difficult and ever feel that you might just not be good enough, please look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself the amazing qualities and strengths that you do have.

Just because you might not be where you want to be right now (whether that be on flexibility, remembering lines quickly or being able to belt high notes) it doesn’t mean that you won’t get there.

Keep believing in yourself and you will go far!

If you have any doubts or need advice or just want a chat, myself, Jordana and your teachers will always be here.

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