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How Italia Conti Associates Petersfield skills can help you in the real world…

Taking performing arts classes, whether it be in dance, singing or acting, can definitely teach you real life skills and open doors for your future. You may see people roll their eyes at this statement but it really is true and here are the reasons why…


People that dedicate their time in performing arts are not 9-5 people. We think in productions rather than hours. We think about learning a certain amount of lines or remembering 4 counts of 8 choreography rather than giving ourselves a time limit per discipline and move on. We always give 100%. This is invaluable in the workplace and employers know that hard working, goal-oriented people make excellent employees.


Performing arts students are nothing if not passionate and exert confidence in all aspects of life. Not only do we encourage our students to perform by themselves in class, we put on showcases for all the parents so they experience performing in front of a number of people. Term on term, we see our student’s confidence blossom and this can help in all walks of life whether it be through public speaking, presentations, interviews etc.

Team work

Team work is an essential part of all performing arts classes and can be extremely beneficial in the workplace. Whether it’s a group dance, an acting scene or learning harmonies; team work is essential in order to accomplish the overall objectives and goals of the class. Individuals possess diverse talents, skills and weaknesses so we encourage our students to help each other if they ever find anything challenging.

Team work motivates employees to work harder, cooperate and be supportive of one another – it promotes workplace synergy.


Punctuality helps you stand out as a trustworthy and reliable employee. If you don’t get your lines or choreography completed on time, you could keep others from being able to finish their tasks. We encourage our teachers to hand out deadlines and prepare for shows. Being punctual also shows respect for others in the class. Punctuality is a top essential trait required to be successful in any industry.


Italia Conti Associates Petersfield prides themselves on teaching our students how to show compassion for one another; to be supportive and demonstrate respect for others. We believe that all these traits help you to become more professional for the future.

Before we opened Italia Conti Associates Petersfield, as well as performing professionally and gaining degrees, I gained over 7 years’ experience as a Recruitment Consultant, whilst Jordana has experience of working within the hospitality industry as well as being an Executive Personal Assistant to a Managing Director of his own Company. We can confidently say that the skills we have highlighted above will be of real benefit in any future career path you decide to choose.

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